Skiing at Glenshee Ski Resort, Scotland

In winter, there are few fun activities to do that give a satisfying outdoor feeling, but on a weekend in February the answer would be Skiing. Scotland has amazing mountain ranges, as you most probably already know, and Glenshee is definitely at the top of the list.

Getting to Glenshee

One of the great things about Scotland, especially compared to Australia, is its size. It never takes too long to get anywhere. Glenshee is 85 miles north of Edinburgh, just past Dundee. Taking traffic and the time to get to the lifts once you arrive into consideration, two and half hours would be enough, see the route on Google Maps here.

Glenshee is Scotland’s first snow sports resort, dating back to the 1950’s, as well as being the largest available at over 3,500km high (called a Munro in Scotland for being over 3,000ft high).

Glenshee’s Slopes

Like many other slopes there is a great selection of slopes to choose from to suit different abilities. 40km of pisted runs translate into eight green runs, thirteen blue, thirteen red runs and then two black runs…including the Tiger which is one the most challenging black runs available anywhere. If you have enough energy left there is the longest run, the Gaol Maol, which goes on for 2km.

Glenshee is usually open from early December till April time, I’ve been in March before and it has still been cold enough for the mountain range to have a good piste.

Nearby Resorts

There is a long weekend worth of skiing at Glenshee but if you have longer or want to move to somewhere else Glencoe Mountain Resort is only 55 miles away. You may have seen our post on the must drive roads in Europe; the road through the Cairngorms was on that list, Cairngorms is only 55 miles away, definitely worth driving through if you have the time!

If you want the latest ski conditions check out the ski section on the Visit Scotland site.