Portugal – A “Green List” Country

Portugal has now been added to the “green list” and those now accustomed to travelling in the pandemic know exactly what this means – time to get booking.

For most people, holidays over the past 6 months have been far and few between. Combining the various lockdowns, Covid-19 variants and waves of the virus, it has been a dry spell to say the least for the traveller or holiday maker. However, as we have eased our way out of lockdown, the UK Government have added Portugal to the list of countries that can be visited without restrictions. Israel was another country added to this list, although that would probably only appeal to the most adventurous of travellers. In terms of Portugal, with its warm climate, rich blue seas and golden coastline, there is no better holiday destination for those looking for a relaxing beach holiday with some good food and fantastic scenery.

The Algarve coastline will be a popular spot for holiday makers, just below the Tagus valley nestled right in the south of Portugal. Albufeira is a highly recommended area for beaches, whilst Lagos will provide the typical entertainment and nightlife (although Covid dependent) that we have not experience much of recently. Faro airport would be the closest airport for those heading to The Algarve, although it should be noted that the heat in July and August will be extreme.

For those looking for more of a city break, there are two excellent options – Lisbon and Porto. Both are charming and interesting cities in their own right, with Lisbon slightly larger in size, although in summer the city heat could be intense. Porto is located in the North of Portugal, and does have one or two beaches, although not any that compare to the beauty of the Algarve coastline. However, Porto does offer some quirky and attractive bars and restaurants lined along the river banks that split the city. These make for a great little coffee spot, or a relaxing afternoon of drinks. In the evening, it is the number one spot for restaurants, with an excellent holiday atmosphere.

Overall, Portugal is a great country to be added to the “green list” and it is highly recommeded to get booking as soon as possible. If we have learned one thing in Covid – its take your chances while you can!

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  1. Joe B

    Great country, great food and most importanly – great weather! Hoping to book for myself and my partner in June.

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