Canada – A Beautiful and Friendly Country

Canada has always been a scenic, hospitable and safe country to travel in. In fact, Forbes list’s Canada in the top 10 safest countries to travel around. Therefore, we have put together a quick overview of what it is like to travel around Canada. It should be noted that you don’t have to travel for a long period of time to discover the beauty of Canada. Even if after a holiday in the land of the maple leaf you may be tempted to stay there straight away.

Like hardly any other country, Canada combines modern cities with a multicultural orientation in the south, near the US-American border, and extensive and sparsely populated landscapes in the north of the country.

In order to ensure the unity of the diverse population groups, Canada is organized as a federal state, similar to the USA. Canadians themselves are very hospitable and open to strangers. But don’t forget your gloves and hat: Even in the big cities in the south, such as Toronto, it can get bitterly cold in winter. Toronto itself is full of culture and entertainment, and as the home town of rap star Drake, there are always tribute nights to him amongst the music scene.

If you don’t let that stop you, you have the chance to explore what may be the most beautiful landscapes in North America. The country’s large lakes are particularly popular with amateur anglers. They are also a must see for those who enjoy a scenic hike or an Instagram worthy picture. Lake Louise in Alberta is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Known as the Lake of Little Fishes, its glacial waters are bright blue and surrounded by stunning forests and striking mountains such as the 9,000 foot Fairview Mountain – where a hike to the top will reward you with the most amazing view in Alberta.

And for the odd German tourist, a detour to the city of Kitchener and the surrounding area is worthwhile: This stretch of Canada was particularly shaped by German immigrants. Kitchener boasts of hosting the largest Oktoberfest outside of Munich.

The Whistler mountains in British Columbia are also extremely scenic in summer (hiking) or winter (skiing) and also gives an excuse to explore Vancouver (the nearby city), which gets some great sunsets!