Author: Laura H

Skiing at Glenshee Ski Resort, Scotland

In winter, there are few fun activities to do that give a satisfying outdoor feeling, but on a weekend in February the answer would be Skiing. Scotland has amazing mountain ranges, as you most probably already know, and Glenshee is definitely at the top of the list. Getting to Glenshee One of the great things […]

Adventurous Top Road Trips Around the World

When someone says “road trip” we usually think of Route 66 in the US, or maybe the Swiss Alps, but I was having a conversation with a colleague recently and the subject of road trips came up and we got around to talking about adventurous and crazy road trips. So after a bit of research […]

10 Places to Visit in Berlin

Often, a city break can be a convenient and relaxing get away, if only for a short space of time. A couple of years ago, we had a long weekend in Berlin. Here are 10 tips on places to visit in Berlin plus one to avoid! 1. Reichstag Building A definite must see is the […]