Author: Laura H

Top Volcano Hikes in 2021

Mother nature can be overwhelmingly powerful at times especially when it comes to the eruption of volcanoes. We’ve witnessed many deadly eruptions in the past, Mt Agung in Indonesia, Kilauea in Hawaii and Fuego in Guatemala have all shown their full capabilities and wreaked havoc amongst those closest to them. However, not all volcanoes are […]

European Travel in The Balance

Having initially placed Portugal on the “green list” the UK government decided to undo this action, and it has left travel enthusiasts very much unsure about how the summer is going to play out in terms of European holidaying. At one point, it looked like everyone would flock to Portugal, and some proactive travellers did […]

Australia’s Top 5 Islands

Australia might be the world’s biggest island however it also has 8,222 small islands (we didn’t realise there were so many) around it and after doing some research and digging around, here is the top 5 Australian Islands we’d love to visit. Kangaroo Island Not far from Adelaide is Kangaroo Island, it’s the third largest […]

Gran Canaria – A Complete Guide

Gran Canaria is, in my opinion, the most picturesque, scenic and charming of all the Canary Islands. With its abundance of beaches and stunning national park, there is something for everyone at this climate-rich island. During an October visit, we experienced temperatures of around 20/25 degrees day and night, with clear skies most days. Having […]

Adventurous Top Road Trips Around the World

When someone says “road trip” we usually think of Route 66 in the US, or maybe the Swiss Alps, but I was having a conversation with a colleague recently and the subject of road trips came up and we got around to talking about adventurous and crazy road trips. So after a bit of research […]