A Holiday island Krk

Three letters, hard to pronounce for Central European tongues, and so much beauty! Krk is a beautiful island in the Kvarner Bay, and is the second largest island in the Adriatic. Since 1980 the island has been connected to the mainland by a spectacular bridge construction. Krk is a typical tourist island. Perhaps because of its unusual name, it is very well known outside of Croatia. It is fully developed for tourism and offers holidaymakers who are looking for relaxation everything they need for a successful holiday.

The island is well visited by tourists from Germany, Austria and Italy. There are also guests from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Romania. But Krk also has a long tradition and historical background. Once as a Roman settlement, it was called Curicta, from which the name Krk was formed. Later on, Krk became the center of Croatian culture. Proof of this can be found in the Baska tablet from the year 1100. This stone slab bears an inscription in which the sovereignty of the Croatian King Zvonimir I is stated.

In later centuries Krk was the seat of a bishopric. Krk also belonged to the Republic of Venice, which can still be seen today in various buildings. Not only the architectural style is reminiscent of Venetian palazzi, but above all the Lion of St. Mark, the symbol of Venice, is emblazoned on the facades. The attentive visitor will not miss this. In addition, Krk is, so to speak, the bosom of the Dalmatian language, because during the Venetian rule the Dalamatic was preserved with a lot of energy. During the following centuries, Krk was repeatedly exposed to other rulers.

Therefore, combining the rich history and spectacular beaches makes Krk a reliable and enjoyable holiday destination. Be sure to visit guides such as the Lonely Plant and TripAdvisor before you head off!